Honeymilk- ‘Psychrocker’


Stockholm based band Honeymilk recently released an amusing little ditty by the name of ‘Psychrocker’, which is aimed at those in the industry who have got a bit above their station and think they have the world at their feet, something all too common, however, these chaps seem to have their feet planted firmly in the ground. Disregarding the humour side, the music itself has an equal impact as the song bursts open with emphatic drums from Erik Fritz and heavy bass provided by Tomas Hellberg. This is chocolate covered with some sweet guitar melodies from Nikki Nyberg and to put the sprinkles on the top Marcus Admund’s vocal. It becomes apparent very quickly that this is one of those tunes you are going to find yourself singing even if you weren’t thinking about it. It has that infectiousness and the added bonus of lyrics that are easily distinguished making them memorable. This song celebrates the mediocrity that so called “stars” are blinkered to and highlights the reason we all know who the real “stars” are.

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