Late Nite Cable

Late Nite Cable 1

The description synth pop for some reason always makes me cringe slightly in anticipation of some talentless noise and thumping electro beat so you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I realised that ‘Late Nite Cable’ actually don’t sound anything like that.

Instead my first reaction on hearing the first notes of ‘What Are You Waiting For’ was a nostalgic feeling as I likened it to a tune from a film from the nineties. In fact the self titled EP has that kind of vibe right the way through and invokes a feeling of peacefulness. Whilst there is no track which particularly stands out over the others it has an easy listening quality and with both vocalists alternating the lead there is enough variation to hold your interest.

Peter Cable Roessler has displayed a talent for music from a very early age picking up his first instrument at just 4 years old and over the years has developed upon this. There is little this guy cannot play! Peter’s partner in crime Severine Casati provides both lead and support vocals across the EP and has a naturally soft, soothing voice. ‘Remain In Silence’ is testament to this fact as the music itself is very upbeat and Severine brings a cheerfully cordial sentiment to it.

Debut track ‘Take Me Away’ has a festival mood whereas ‘All Night Girl’ takes you back to a nightclub setting, but overall, this music could take you wherever you want to go.


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