Überkill – ‘Sex on a Leash’ EP


As soon as the drums burst into the opening track of Überkill’s EP ‘Sex on a Leash’ it is blatantly apparent that it is crying out to be listened to and it just gets better from that point forth. ‘Two Timin’ Woman’ has the beefiest of beefy bass lines and its hypnotic quality is an effective manner in which to start an EP and whilst the drums and bass are dominant in this track, throwing classic rock style vocals into the mix is just la piece de resistance! Mike Blackhart has one of those penetrating voices that is perfectly distinct.

Just for a second ‘Sex on a Leash’ sounds like it is going to burst into an Iron Maiden number, however when the guitar blasts in the track takes on an entirely different feel and this is rock and roll heaven. The guitar solo on “Just one thing” is so impressive it could easily be any one of your favourite axe gods up there. Nick Childs has got that department nailed.

Considering Carston Hoyer (bass) and Gray Tull (drums) only established the band in 2012 they play like a well seasoned outfit and although this is vastly down to hard work and determination the involvement in production and mastering from Keith More (ex Asia) and Ade Emsley certainly will have helped things along a little. Playing as support to the Von Hertzen Brothers in September will do nothing to harm the profile of what has all the potential to be one of the great rock bands.

In this line of work you occasionally come across a diamond in the rough and these guys are those gems.

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