The Wooden Sky: ‘Let’s Be Ready’

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The Wooden Sky, a Toronto-based alt rock band, have just released their new album, ‘Let’s Be Ready’.

The Wooden Sky are Toronto-based alternative rockers. Described as “Fuzz-folk”, they’ve had a bit of a renaissance in recent years, leaving their label last year and starting their own one. ‘Let’s Be Ready’ is actually a re-release (but new to the UK and Europe), having previously been released in Canada last year to great acclaim – Exclaim! Magazine rated it as the top country/folk/blues album of 2014, while Huffington Post considered it the 4th best Canadian album of the year.

With a reputation like that, it’s tough to say anything bad about this album, so we won’t. Partially recorded in frontman Gavin Gardiner’s home studio, the band’s fourth album captures the same powerful energy that they exude on stage.

“It’s either sink or swim when you play live,” says Gardiner. “You quickly learn which parts work and which parts don’t. You learn how to convey your ideas in a way that the audience responds to. When we recorded ‘Let’s Be Ready’, we really embraced the rawness of that live experience. It was fun to make something that was a bit more ragged.”

‘Let’s Be Ready’ mixes the indie spirit of a bar band, with the poise and punch of an arena act. Gardiner adds,

“It felt, to me, like a do or die moment,” he says. “We had to choose whether to go on or just stop.  Let’s Be Ready gave us a sense of renewed energy. It’s more of a rock album than anything we’ve ever made before. It’s fun to go for broke, and we were happy to do it.”

 The Wooden Sky are currently on tour in Europe, and are going to be in the UK over the next few weeks, with a performance at Birthdays, Dalston on 28th September followed by the Independent, Sunderland, on 1 October, and Fred’s Ale House in Manchester on October 2. Check their website for further details. You can find The Wooden Sky online on Facebook, Twitter, and their Official Website.

‘Let’s Be Ready’, as well as the rest of The Wooden Sky’s music, is available to download from iTunes, with physcial copies of their album on CD and vinyl, as well as other The Wooden Sky merchandise, from their webstore. Check out the live version of ‘Maybe It’s No Secret’:

Maybe It's No Secret - Live Version (Official)

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