Shift K3Y – ‘Still Love You’


Shift K3Y launches his latest single, ‘Still Love You’, a song he co-wrote with Grammy Award Winning singer and songwriter James Fauntleroy.

After sharing two offerings from his forthcoming Off The Record project, ‘Crying In My Sleep’ and ‘2 Doors’, Shift K3Y releases his third song, ‘Still Love You’, a song special to him as he got to work with a songwriting idol that has been an inspiration to him since his musical beginnings.

Here is what Shift K3Y had to say about the experience of writing ‘Still Love You’ with James Fauntleroy,

“It’s not everyday you get to write a song with not just an idol; but one of your all time favourite songwriters and singers…After I spent no more than 5 minutes working on the beat, which was just a bassline and drums, he shouted “STOP!!! I’ve got it!!!!” He went into the booth and sung the entire song within half an hour all double takes, harmonies etc. I’m still speechless over how I’ve managed to land such an amazing opportunity. I asked him if I could work on the production a little to match his unparalleled level of work flow. I was given the stems and a couple weeks later after I had finished the production asked if I could sing it for my project. I’m in disbelief that I was able to make such an incredible track with one of my favourite musicians and be able to use it for myself.”

11902294_874199426001540_4389221301238622906_n‘Still Love You’ is an R&B infused dance track with modern electronic elements and a catchy pop style song structure. The dynamics build and drop in different parts of the song and the production of the recording is pounding and in your face giving it a great dance aesthetic.

The astonishing fact about Shift K3Y is that he writes, produces, and performs all his songs himself; instilling a hint of his unique personality into each song.  In 2014 Shift K3Y released the single, ‘Touch’, which reached #3 on the UK Singles Chart followed by the single, ‘I Know’, hitting the Top 5 in the UK Dance Charts, proving he has what it takes to make wonderfully crafted dance songs.

For music and info from Shift K3Y check out his website, iTunes, Facebook,  and Twitter.  Also check out the video below of a previously released single by Shift K3Y called, ‘Touch’.

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