Blitzen Trapper Poised to Release ‘All Across This Land’ 

Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen Trapper are poised to release their highly anticipated studio album, ‘All Across This Land’ on 2nd October, and the highly  acclaimed rock quintet from Portland Oregon will definitely not disappoint. 

Blitzen Trapper show with ‘All Across This Land’ that they have a wonderful ability to create thoughtful, melodic, finely crafted songs that still manage to deliver that full throttle blast of infectiousness of rock.

The album, which crosses a vast array of musical boundaries from folk to pop, country to psychedelia, has a very distinctive Rock vibe, and features some of lead singer and songwriter Eric Earley’s strongest writing to date, opens with the title track and first single, ‘All Across This Land’. Starting with a burst of guitars, bass and drums, it soon eases back to a slightly more gentle pace, it’s a catchy, well put together track, with a great hook.

 ‘Mystery and Wonder’ is probably my favourite track on the album, Semi-autobiographical, it was inspired by the band’s beginnings, telling the tale of how they developed together over time, creating their unique blend of intelligent rock.

‘Cadillac Road’, another favourite, brings to mind Springsteen’s ‘Cadillac Ranch’ and I must say it stands up well to comparison. The main similarity, other than the title, is that both tell a compelling story, that draws the listener in to the storyteller’s world.

‘All Across This Land’ is full of great songs, each one as enjoyable and worthy as the next. A pleasing lack of ‘fillers’ makes it the kind of album you can listen to without wanting to skip a single track.

‘All Across This Land’ by Blitzen Trapper will be available on iTunes from 2nd October, for further details visit their official Website and Facebook page.

Track list – ‘All Across This Land’ by Blitzen Trapper

1) All Across This Land

2) Rock and Roll (Was Made for You)

3) Mystery and Wonder

4) Love Grow Cold

5) Lonesome Angel

6) Nights Were Made For Love

7) Cadillac Road

8) Let the Cards Fall

9) Even If You Don’t

10) Across the River

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