Silverbird – ‘Pureland’

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A sensational new band from New York boasting original and catchy tunes with a vintage indie rock vibe, Silverbird, gets ready to release their debut album, ‘Pureland’, due to be released on September 18th 2015. Songwriter and founder of Silverbird, Tim Barr, spent previous years playing gigs as part of Lana Del Rey’s band, opening for The Blow, and studying and playing with Dizzy Gillespie’s pianist protege, Mike Longo, but now is the driving force behind the bands music joined by Corey Davis on bass, Dan Whaley on lead guitar, and Jacob Schuab on drums.

This year began busy for Silverbird playing two packed shows at Brooklyn Night Bazaar and Black Bear with more tour and show dates to come. The first EP released by Silverbird in May 2014, ‘Surface Lights’, got a great review and since then the band has been making waves throughout the indie music scene. ‘With The Spirits’ from the ‘Surface Lights’ EP is a spectacular song by the band that was selected for the All Saints spring playlist that allows the song to be played in their 110 worldwide stores for three months.

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The debut album, Pureland, is the next step for Silverbird as the songs take on a more defined sound but keep a classic indie rock vintage feel with the production. One song in particular, ‘Lyfe’, has that classic vibe with a wonderfully written tune that sounds like it could have been a song from the 70’s, incorporating a vintage vibe guitar playing a bouncy chord progression with a great feel good catchy melody and vocals that have that old school reverb and grit.

Other songs on the album have a much different approach showing off the diverse influences of the band; like the song ‘Brooklyn’, which starts off in an almost progressive rock style and then takes a really cool shift in the chorus, becoming more mysteriously melodic with a bouncy drum and bass line that give the chorus more of a indie rock vibe. The song is uniquely written with changes that may seem impossible to musically piece together as it goes from bouncy indie rock to a slow folk like song at the end, but somehow seems to fit perfectly in place when performed by Silverbird. I personally really enjoyed the song ’45’ which has an old blues style that is dirty, gritty, and true to the classic rock and blues revival sound.

Picture 39With such diverse influences as Wilco, Heartless Bastards, and Sparklehorse it is no wonder that Silverbird has managed to create an original sound with their surprisingly unexpected songwriting style and dynamic emotionally driven songs.  Silverbird’s debut album, ‘Pureland’, is definitely an album that will be worth checking out featuring a great set of nine songs all creatively unique and originally entertaining.For music and info about Silverbird, and the debut album, Pureland coming out September 18th, check out the bands iTunesFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.



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