Introducing: Noise Galleri


Noise Galleri is an up and coming electronic music trio, consisting of brothers Raf and Greg with vocalist Ana. They hail from West Dulwich and are alumni of the prestigious BRIT School. They’re quickly getting themselves into the spotlight, with their track ‘Spin’ supported by both Kiss and Capital Xtra. In fact, you may well have already heard them unknowingly: they’ve done session work with such luminaries as Rihanna and Chris Brown, as well as having co-written for artists such as Jessie J.

They’ve got a broad range of intrigue and appeal with their genre-defying sounds, crossing the boundaries of house, trap and electro to create their unique incredible gallery of noise.  In their own words, “dance music is a small representation of what we do. It’s part of it, certainly, but we’ve got so much more to bring to the table. We don’t fit into a specific genre, and it’s only when we’ve fused the right mix of sounds together that we’re happy.”

Have a listen to the assortment of tracks on their Soundcloud: we can assure you there’ll be something to please everyone, from the slow beats of ‘Kandi’ to the building tension of ‘Pay My Bills’.

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