Victoria – Summertime

11111608_807764916007447_8579210545334788061_oThe ambitious young pop-rock group, Victoria, release their catchy feel-good single, ‘Summertime’, along with an outstanding video that captures the sublime and often short-lived splendors of summer.  Following on their debut single,’ Into The Wild’, released earlier this year,  the newest single ‘Summertime’ carries much of the same youthful aesthetic that Victoria has been known for through their anthemic pop-rock songwriting and energetic live performances.  

‘Summertime’ starts off bright and uplifting with high energy guitars, drums, and bass that suddenly drop into an intimate vocal with acoustic guitar that is slowly introduced to the electric keyboard and quick bursts from the full band that accentuate certain parts of the verse.  As the verses lyrics end, the song takes a short halt and then bursts into the full band playing the infectiously feel good ‘Summertime’ melodic theme and the chorus lyrics singing, “We were ready, we were waiting for the summertime. We were feeling alive and our hearts just felt like home.”  The song and the video truly capture the essence of summer with a joyous and uplifting delivery of dynamic songwriting and an energetic performance. 
The new single from Victoria is set to be released on August 21st 2015 and the video of ‘Summertime’ is currently available for viewing on YouTube.  The band consists of Alex Thomas on guitar, Charlie Martin on keyboards,  Chris Moore on drums, Harry Johnson on bass, and Joe Housley on vocals.  Based out of London the five band members eat, sleep, and breathe music; all talented players and songwriters with their own energetic and ambitious personalities, adding character and excitement to their live performances.
10408794_805083342942271_7314120567377507684_nYou can catch Victoria live throughout the summer supporting Ella Eyre at Thorpe Park on July 24th and at the ‘Summertime’ single launch show at The Barfly in London on August 20th.
To learn more about Victoria and their new single, ‘Summertime’ available August 21st 2015, check out the bands Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and YouTube. Or check out the bands homepage


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