Stuart Newman – ‘Love’s Off The Hook’

unnamed-2The solo indie rock artist from Brighton, Stuart Newman, is set to release a new single on July 20th 2015, ‘Love’s Off The Hook’, with uptempo rock grooves, blues riff guitars, and a unique Americanized style of vocal that is original and unexpected to the typical brit-rock sound coming out of the UK.  Known for his strong American accented vocals, Stuart Newman takes an approach to his music in much of the same way an actor would approach acting; by allowing imagination to take a superior role in determining the outcome of the music with no limitations and boundaries in its creative process. 

‘Love’s Off The Hook’ starts off with a short acoustic guitar blues riff that breaks into a jumpy beat and a uptempo chord progression that gives the song familiarities to the music of Beck. It has a great catchy chorus that can easily get stuck in your head and a subtle dirtiness and roughness to the recording that gives it the perfect character for the style of music. The new single ‘Love’s Off The Hook’ has a sound familiar to Modest Mouse, with the laid back vocal delivery and the distinct American accent of Stuart Newman giving it a style that is comparable to indie and alternative rock music in the U.S.
unnamed-3Stuart Newman explains the sound behind his music stating,

“For some reason the whole American sounding thing seems right for me… a lot of my influences are American bands, artists, stand ups… so when I’m writing a song and an accent comes out, I run with it.”

“The ideas that come with the American dream are interesting to me… mix that in with the human condition and living in this modern world… now that’s a sandpit of ideas I want to play in. It feels right, so those are the areas I explore.”

“In the modern world geography is a limitation for tangible things, – not for music… and if it’s okay for an actor to put on an accent, so can I.”

Stuart Newman has worked as a solo artist creating his own music since 2009 with his first homemade release Single But Defective and a second EP Bored Of Idiot Chatter in 2012 and a stream of successful singles since then. Now working in a recording studio in Brighton called AudioBeach, Stuart Newman’s new music since 2012 has been more expansive and layered with an ability to become more expressive in his songwriting style.

The new single ‘Love’s Off The Hook, by Stuart Newman will be available July 20th 2015 on iTunesAmazon, and Spotify and is also currently available to stream on Soundcloud.  Or you can check out the Stuart Newman website for additional info.




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