Rum Thief – Reach For The Weatherman


Rum Thief gets ready to release a second EP on July 27th 2015, ‘Reach For The Weatherman’, a gritty and passionate indie rock/blues/folk EP from the solo project works of talented Manchester musician Jot Green. ‘Reach For The Weatherman’ has four great tracks that embody the heart, mind, and soul of Jot Green and his ability to transform basic guitar chord structures and personalize them with his sharp lyrical content and intensely expressive musical delivery.

‘Reach For The Weatherman’, features the single ‘Dirty Shoes’ that has already had great review and displays the raw attitude and emotion that Jot Green brings to his musical performances. Emerging North had this to say about Rum Thief’s new single,

“In Rum Thief Manchester surely has one of the biggest talents in the UK at the moment and after the amazing ‘Clouded Mind EP’, they are back and keeping momentum going with debut single ‘Dirty Shoes.’”

The EP also includes the track ‘Reach For The Weatherman’, which has a punk rock quality and a good use of drops from the drum part that highlight the dynamic song structure keeping each part unique and entertaining. Another great track, ‘Stitch In Time’, has a punk/ska style with danceable bass lines and drum grooves that combine with gritty guitar and vocals that give it a vibe similar to The Clash. ‘My Friend’ expresses the raw songwriting talent of Jot Green with a folk style acoustic guitar song that has expressive lyrical lines that carry the dynamic strength of the music.

From the Clouded Mind of Jot Green comes the new EP from Rum Thief, ‘Reach For The Weatherman’, a gritty rock album expressing honest emotion and raw songwriting talent.

Green has, for the most part, played as a drummer in various bands in the Manchester area for the past ten years but as he began to write songs on his own he decided to take the time to professionally record them. Booking into Airtight Studio in Chorlton, Manchester, Green performed the drums, guitars, vocals and backing vocals to produce his first EP, ‘Clouded Mind’, which found great success and interest from various media outlets. With the help of ex-band mates and a new live drummer, Rum Thief secured some local gigs, festivals, support slots and airplay on local and national radio, propelling the music even further into the limelight.

When performing his songs live with Rum Thief, Jot Green is joined by fellow musicians Johnny Brown on lead guitar, Iain McGowen on bass, and Chris Hobs on drums. Rum Thief will be performing for their EP launch party on August 21st at Night and Day Cafe, Oldham St, Manchester. in association with Scruff of the Neck Records.

For music and info on Rum Thief and the new EP, ‘Reach For The Weatherman’, visit their Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, and YouTube.



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