Intelligent Music Project III – ‘Mind Projection’


‘Intelligent Music Project III’ release their new rock single and video for ‘Mind Projection’, a song from their upcoming album, ‘Touching The Divine’, which features artists John Payne, previous frontman of Asia, and drum legend Simon Phillips.  The group of talented musicians that form Intelligent Music Project III have all put in their creative output to achieve an intelligently composed rock and roll album that is expected to be released late September 2015.

The single, ‘Mind Projection’ is straightforward in its songwriting form with creative layering and dynamic movements that distinguish each part and a powerful vocal arrangement by John Payne that brings the music to an escalated level. The song begins with a wonderfully played finger style acoustic guitar accompanied by the powerful lead vocals of John Payne and builds into a progressive rock riff that goes through different melodic movements that eventually taper and lead back to the soft acoustic guitar played by producer and composer Milen Vrabevski. As the song feels like it is about to end the music suddenly jumps back into the progressive rock hook for one more round and an amazing guitar solo played by guitarist, Tim Pierce, and then abruptly stops to climax.

Producer and composer Milen Vrabevski has this to say about the single, ‘Mind Projection’,

“I believe we managed to deliver an astonishing sound once again and it will delight the ears and sound systems of hardcore rockers all around the world. Bearing in mind the top-notch level of our guest stars, I allowed myself mainly to record the acoustic guitar of the first single ‘MIND PROJECTION’.  The video was shot in Bulgaria by Vasil Stefanov, a very prolific and talented video director. The explicit idea was to show the level of collaboration and collective effort of all featuring musicians, which I believe, would be one of the most intriguing aspects for the music fans.”  

The video displays all the great musicians of the band in the studio putting in intense work as they all put in creative ideas and their musical knowledge while it briefly casts scenes of a women with cuts all over and blood on her dress, lost in the wide open country of Bulgaria fighting to survive and find her way. As the song progresses to the end the women’s cuts begin to heal and she shows signs of strength and healing as she finally soars into the air leaving behind an inspirational message that is correlated with song ‘Mind Projection’.

The musicians involved with Intelligent Music Project III include Simon Phillips on drums and percussion, Nathan East (appears courtesy of Yamaha Entertainment Group) on bass, John Payne on lead & backing vocals, Joseph Williams on lead & backing vocals, Carl Sentance on backing vocals & ad-lib, lead vocal part on track 7, and Tim Pierce on guitars. Previous albums by the same author include Intelligent Music Project I , The Power Of Mind, and Intelligent Music Project II, My Kind O’Lovin’, which feature musicians Simon Phillips, Toto’s Joseph Williams & John Lawton.

unnamed-1Here is what the musicians are saying about the project:

Says Joseph, “It’s wonderful to explore working with Milen. The project has a wonderful message, accompanied with some beautiful music and some great rock ‘n’ roll – the musicians in this project are top-notch.”

Says Simon, “Music is a universal language. It’s really a blessing to have the opportunity to work with musicians from around the world.”

Says Nathan, “This project is very special to me, because of the nature of the message of the project. I was very inspired and happy with the idea, because the message has value and meaning and I am about that. The word ‘inspirational’ is what I use to describe this project.”

John Payne, who continues his 14 year legacy as “ASIA Featuring John Payne” says, “Doing this project with Milen – it has been great, really – these songs have a lot of structure and melody. It’s a very mature project, it’s a very intelligent project for the mind.”

Says Tim Pierce, “My DNA is ‘a rock player’. Musically, this project is fun, because it travels a lot of different places.”

“I really enjoyed working with Milen in his studio. There is a great sense of depth in his songs. We tried to get the best of my voice.” (Carl Sentance)

“The coming album is to bring us to the subject of the essence of life. It directs to searching for this special place within our souls that brings the spiritual satisfaction we often call happiness. It is our source of love and creation, balance and harmony. This place is the Divine in us all…” (Milen Vrabevski, MD)

For more music and info about Intelligent Music Project III and the upcoming album Touching The Divine check out their YouTube, visit their website, or check out their previous albums available on Amazon or iTunes.


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