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Desert Ships celebrate as they go on a summer tour with the release of a video for the epic track, ‘Skyliner’, available now on YouTube. The London psychedelic rock three piece is hard at work recording their new album as they currently tour throughout Europe, playing dates up until the end of July with a spot at the Into The Wild Festival and their final show in London.

Sat 11th July – Into The Wild Festival, Bucks

Wed 22nd July – 93 Feet East, London

The video for Desert Ships heavy psychedelic rock track ‘Skyliner’ was directed by Julian Hand with special effects that enhance the psychedelic mood of the track keeping true to the bands style of dreamy melodies and hypnotic grooves. Portraying images of the band performing in sci-fi color with vague entrances of clouds, a close up image of an eye, and airliners flying across the screen, the videos intense images keep up with the strong collage of sound that Desert Ships create in their outstanding single, ‘Skyliner’.  The video is reminiscent of the days when MTV actually aired music videos in the early 90’s, with a grunge lo-fi type feel that really keeps their style of music in its perspective.

The song ‘Skyliner’ is a wonderful example of the kind of free flowing cinematic sounds that the band create with their ambient guitar loops, spacey vocal harmonies, and heavy jam parts. The song is over seven minutes long starting off with a laid back rock groove that drifts in and out of daydream like melodies that fade into an expressive jam and noise making guitar that intensifies and closes out the last couple minutes of the track.  The bands music and style could be compared to the likes of Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala and at times, even the rousing film scores of John Barry.

In 2012, Desert Ships released their debut album, Doll Skin Flag, which they recorded with acclaimed producer, Mark Gardener lead singer of 90’s band Ride. They again return to the studio with Gardener to work on their upcoming album in collaboration with German film director, Wim Wenders.  As the first album gained a considerable amount of publicity and success the band also received constant airplay on local radio in the UK, US, Europe, and South America.

Check out the video below of the track ‘Skyliner’. To hear music or get more info about Desert Ships check out their iTunes, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitter, and Instagram. Or check out their website at


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