The Jeremiah Brothers

Jeremiah bros 1June 8th saw the release of The Jeremiah Brothers self titled debut album but do not be fooled by the word “debut” as these guys are far from new to the scene or the music industry and have many years of experience under their belts. Ciaran and Kevin had their musical roots firmly planted in the ground at birth coming from a family of musicians and spending their tender years playing in “The Jeremiahs” before graduating to their own band as teenagers with friend Paul Stewart. However, this was just the tip of the iceberg for the young brothers. Most of you have unconsciously had a taste of what these talented chaps have to offer already as they enjoyed an impressive amount of success with “The Feeling” in the noughties going 3 x platinum, receiving an Ivor Novello award not to mention BRIT nominations.

Despite all this Kevin and Ciaran seem to want to get back to basics with this album as it represents a much more chilled yet mature approach to writing and the music itself has an easy listening quality. There is a very obvious connection to the style of Simon and Garfunkel supported by a seventies sound which makes it appealing to a wider audience.

“Because It’s You” touches on the importance of certain individuals in your life and all their little quirks that make them special to you. The lyrics are well thought out as they could apply to anyone and this makes it an easy song to relate to. This accompanied by an upbeat guitar plucking rhythm makes an imprint on the memory.

“Never Let Me Go” demonstrates the complications in life which prevent us from reaching our original goals and aspirations but in turn dismisses their importance as having someone who supports us unconditionally is ultimately all we actually need.

“Not That Easy” has a much more personal vibe as it reflects the sense of loss experienced by the brothers since the passing of their Father but again could be universal in recognising all the things we long for when missing a loved one and reminiscing what was once shared.

One thing which is apparent throughout the album is an intimacy which to a degree perhaps shows vulnerabilities in the writer but is also extremely clever in drawing in the listener as these are situations that could be appropriate to anyone and the type of lyrics that we can all apply a personal circumstance to.

The album is available to purchase/stream from 7 DigitaliTunesAmazonJunoSpotifyeMusic, and Napster.

The Jeremiah Brothers - Because It's You

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