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Picture 79The young four piece from Newcastle, Street Party in Soho, release another hit single , ’17’, which embodies their teenage energy yet boasts a grown up sound. Following up on their wonderful debut single, ‘Take Your Time’, the new single, ’17’, has that same infectiously catchy sound that has given the band much great success thus far. 

The new single starts off with a nice groovy guitar melody and breaks into a upbeat rock bass and drum rhythm.  As it goes into the verse the vocals take the lead with a lot of great synth samples giving the song a more electronic dance style vibe.

The song goes through several of these changes, from the more rock style back to the synth heavy electronic style, and has a great bridge leading into each of the choruses. The end takes the intro groove up a notch with a rising guitar melody and chaotic synth samples that take a sudden stop to finish the song.

Picture 80The fact that Street Party in Soho are made up of three members being 18 years of age and the drummer being only 17 makes it even more impressive that they have such an outstanding songwriting ability and polished sound.  Since 2013 they have been busy doing a lot of shows and festivals playing at the Brighton’s Great Escape Festival, the Corbridge Festival, and then touring with King Charles in early 2014.  They also were chosen to perform and sub-headline the retreat stage at this year’s Evolution Emerging Festival.

Street Party in Soho looks promising as a band bound for great success receiving attention from major producers like Alan Smyth (Arctic Monkeys/Pulp/Reverend and the Makers) and Gordon Raphael (The Strokes) and receiving support and airplay from reality TV show ‘Made In Chelsea’ and XFM. The four piece consists of Ryan Young on lead vocals and guitar, Jackson Vert on guitar and backing vocals, Harry Webb on bass and sample pad, and Nathan Hogg on drums.

The new single ’17’ is set to be released on June 29th. To hear music or get more info about Street Party in Soho and the new single, ’17’, check out their Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages and their personal website


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