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We’ve introduced you to Cahoots before, and we’ve mentioned that they won the chance to headline at the Capital Summertime Ball recently. Now we’ve finally got to talk to them!

EP: What’s the Cahoots story!

C: Us and a bunch of other YouTube musicians were invited to take part in a workshop at the YouTube Space in London to basically work with each other on a load of musical tasks, it was really fun and we met so many great artists! It lasted about 3 days and eventually we found out that it was all part of a plan to put together a group or band, which us 3 were chosen to be part of.

EP: Is it tricky all of you living in different places?

C: It can be quite tricky, particularly for Curri who has to constantly fly in to the UK at least once a month. That probably sounds more fun than it is but we make do with the time we have when we’re together! We’ll be going over to Spain very soon so that’ll be a nice change of scenery.

EP: Tell us about the Vodaphone Take The Stage Competition! How did all that come about!

C: Somehow we managed to grab the attention of Capital and Vodafone to take part in the competition, which we’re incredibly grateful for. Then it was all up to our incredible fans to seal the deal, which they did with flying colours! Considering this project has only really been a thing for about 5 months now, the opportunities we’ve been given are amazing, which we only have our team and our awesome fans to thank for.

EP: What was it like performing in front of the audience at the Summertime Ball?

C: It was like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. For most, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity including some huge artists so we completely acknowledged how lucky we were to be there. We’d been working towards the big day for such a long time and the payoff was insanely good!

EP: What’s next for Cahoots?

C: We still have a lot more singles releasing this year, plenty of more content coming on our YouTube channel and hey, who knows, maybe we’ll be headlining Wembley Stadium at some point in the future! We can only dream…

EP: Who are your influences and inspirations? Not just musically, but for life in general?

C: I think generally for us we’re greatly inspired by our family and friends as well as our fans and supporters who constantly give us the encouragement to carry on!

EP: If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently and why?

C: We were all so excited that we feel our performance itself could have been better, but regardless, we’d just do the whole day over just to experience it again! A bit like Groundhog Day, so that we’d play Wembley Stadium everyday!

EP: Tell us something surprising that nobody knows about you!

C: The majority of the time we’re not actually together to record our singles since we all live super far away from each other so we have to record remotely! That’s probably not massively surprising or interesting but perhaps something nobody knows!

EP: What music are you listening to right now?

C: Matt – Chains – Nick Jonas

Tom – Better Together – Jack Johnson

Curri – Stitches – Shawn Mendes

EP: What question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does?

“I’ve got £1,000,000 in my pocket right now and I don’t really want it, can you take it please?”

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