FANS – ‘If God Is Real’


FANS, an indie rock trio based in West Yorkshire, recently announced their first EP. As a taster, the band have made the track ‘If God Is Real’ available online.

This is a dark and moody piece, with the heavily distorted guitars laid on thick. There’s a texture to this music: something to get your teeth into. The lead guitar weaves a fascinating melody through the song. It’s interesting, intriguing, almost impenetrable: this is something you’ll want to listen to a few times to fully grasp.

The trio gives Jesus & Mary Chain, and My Bloody Valentine as examples of their influences, as well as Johnny Cash’s work with Rick Rubin: fans of any them can find something to like in FANS, with the loud guitars ringing out their familiar chords.

‘Born Into’, the full EP, will follow this summer, and FANS have given an overview of its themes:

“The record is basically based around the idea that social mobility is an illusion, that what circumstances you’re ‘Born Into’, 90% of the time is where you’ll end up. A feeling that people who are poor aren’t valued and have no real control or voice. It is literally becoming a crime to be poor which is fucking mental, and if you happen to be in that situation then it seems like human life ceases to have any value.”

With the band’s touring plans well underway fans of FANS have a lot to look out for in the coming months.

FANS can be found on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram, as well as their own website.

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