Noel & the Pandas – Whip Me

10615966_489681684519294_5150647731380078059_nThe Italian band Noel & the Pandas explode into the UK indie music scene with a hard hitting original sound and their new single ‘Whip Me’.

The new 50 Shades inspired single ‘Whip Me’ to be released on June 1st 2015, is a powerful track that consists of filtered guitar power chords, bass driven rhythms, and an in your face spoken vocal that give the song a style of its own. The talking style of the vocal and the power chord progressions boast a more post punk sound that resembles bands coming out of the early 80’s like Joy Division and Bauhaus. Although the new single ‘Whip Me’ stays closer to this post punk style, other songs like ‘Red Light Obsession’ have a far different style with an acoustic piano, electronic drum sounds, and a more melodic vocal giving it a more alternative rock style. Much like the band style of the Butthole Surfers, each song from the band has a completely different attitude and influence behind it making Noel & the Pandas’ repertoire unique and diverse.

albumThe amazing story of how Noel & the Pandas came to be is part of the excitement that currently surrounds the band. Having a steady career as a banker, Noel suddenly found all the securities of his monotonous life stripped away when he abruptly lost his job. Armed with his skills as a lyric writer and passion for music he was determined to make a new life for himself as an accomplished musician. With the help of producer from Italy Nicola Rosti, Noel set forth on a new venture that would change his way of life forevermore. When asked about this chapter in his life he explains,”It all started when my first life ended and a brand new one was there to begin”. A dream come true for most of us, but a rather frightening thought knowing that there might not always be a steady flow of income to live off of. Noel’s life changing event is a perfect example that if a person possesses the determination and will to succeed at something they are passionate about, then there is nothing that can hold them back and their determination and strength really shows in the music that has been written so far by Noel & the Pandas.

11193227_497763400377789_3686073043588182285_nThe new track ‘Whip Me’ from their debut album ‘In The Art of Doom’, will leave you wanting more of the gritty alternative rock that Noel and the Pandas have to offer.

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