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485428_626319287396186_1319060790_nBorn into a lifestyle of creativity and musicianship, Ella Squirrell is determined to brand her beautiful style of folk/pop on music lovers around the world.

Being raised in a family of a professional musician, it is no wonder that Ella Squirrell would have the passion and determination to perform and write her own music.  Taught by her father, who is a professional musician in a folk trio, she began learning the guitar at the early age of 11.  As she grew she also very much grew into her own musical style and now is starting to make serious waves with her new EP ‘Loop’ due out May 18th on iTunes.  With a background in folk she stays very true to that style yet because of her fondness of the pop genre she also blends in a modern sound.  She admires and is influenced by artists such as Ben Howard and Warpaint, and is always developing and creating her own style through her admiration toward them but also, through her honesty and willingness to express her own true emotions, whether good or bad, and transpose them into her songwriting.

The new EP ‘Loop’ features the single ‘Quiet Fire’, which has created quite a buzz so far on the UK music scene.  The song features a full accompaniment backing Ella and strays more to the pop genre but, is an amazing rendition of a song she wrote and performs on her acoustic as well.  ‘Loop’ also features the song called ‘Trouble’ which has a more synth-heavy indie pop sound and gives the EP a lot of variety in the type of sound you are gonna hear from Ella.  The song ‘Trust Is a White Dove’ gets back to a more personal feel and makes you feel as if you are in the same room with Ella’s amazing voice singing over the acoustic piano. I personally enjoyed the track ‘Loop’ that had a cool synth melody going along with her voice and some whispering samples that give that track so much movement and personality. It also had a very similar feel to the band I myself much enjoy, Blonde Redhead.


In the present, Ella Squirrell continues to develop her style of folk/pop and considers the highlight of her career, so far, to be when she performed on the acoustic stage before Ben Howard’s show at Birmingham’s Barclaycard Arena in April 2015. I don’t think that this will be the end to the highlights of her career as it looks like she has a great future ahead of her with this just being the beginning with the debut of her new album ‘Loop’.

Upcoming performances in 2015 by Ella Squirrell include a show at The Jam House in Birmingham on the 27th of May and then at the Big Mix Music Festival in Lyme Regis on July 4th. For more information and the latest on Ella Squirrell and the new album ‘Loop’ visit her website or any social media site such as InstagramYouTubeSoundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter.  To purchase her new album, ‘Loop’ coming out on May 18th visit the iTunes store.






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