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Anthony Strong is a hidden British treasure, who, despite achieving success abroad, seems to have slipped the net of the UK media.

Known overseas as ‘The English Gentleman’, Anthony, who has been likened to a a young Harry Connick Jnr, has a worldwide fan base, and has played big venue tours across 26 countries and 4 continents. His swaggering vocals and piano style have seen him him sell out 3-5 thousand capacity venues worldwide, with his last record topping the iTunes Jazz Charts in both the USA and Germany. 

Anthony studied Classical Music and Jazz at three of England’s most prestigious music schools, but it was a nine month spell as understudy to Jerry Lee Lewis in a London West End musical that shaped his career. It was here he developed his stagecraft and audience engagement, so characteristic of his feel good live shows.

Anthony will soon be releasing an exciting new album,  ‘On A Clear Day,’ which is due for release on 18th May. Having taken two years to perfect, ‘On A Clear Day’ is unashamedly ‘Old School’, as Anthony takes you on a personal journey through his own record collection, from classics and jazz to early Stevie Wonder and Motown. 

By arranging, composing, band leading, orchestration, and producing the album himself, Anthony hopes to capture the fresh and positive energy of his live shows.

Anthony explains:

“In mid-2013, I started compiling a list of songs that would form the basis of my new record. I’d played a handful of big band shows over the last year, and I found myself addicted to the sound of a big horn section. I knew the sound I wanted (more energy and “POW!”) and so I started on the arrangements. A week later I’d finished all the songs.”

The album has a wonderfully fresh sound, breathing new life into some of the worlds best known and loved tracks.

‘On A Clear Day’ by Anthony Strong will be available on 18th May.

For more details of this and Anthony’s other work visit his website.

Upcoming  tour date information Here.

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