All Saints: Saints and Sinners


Not strictly a review this week, but more of a trip down memory lane…we step back into the 90s and revisit All Saints!

In the heady days of late 90s Girl Power (!), All Saints were like the cooler, naughtier younger sister of the all conquering Spice Girls.

With their smooth harmonies and sexually liberated lyrics, All Saints represented a new, combat trouser wearing and shoulder shrugging, brand of Girl Power.  They were the cool girls of the playground – the ones you wanted to hang out with behind the bike sheds.

Their first, self titled album was hugely successful, spawning hits including “I Know Where It’s At” and “Never Ever”, and winning big at both the Brits and MTV European Music Awards.

Despite this success however, All Saints are as remembered for their turbulent relationships within the band as they are for their hits.  Rumours of rifts within the group were rife for most of their lifespan, and the band split shortly after the release of their second album, Saints and Sinners, citing personal differences.

Not before unleashing three more number one singles however, including the Ivor Novello winning and frankly brilliant “Pure Shores”.

Although the band have made more than one attempt at a comeback, they were unable to put their differences fully behind them and replicate the heady success of their early days. Saints and Sinners indeed!


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