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Moxie Kicks, formed in 2014, consists of duo Charlie Freeman and Jamie Brown, who found each other through an online music ad. It’s the not the only unorthodox thing about the pair, who have recorded their album in Jamie’s backyard studio.

We were lucky enough catch up Charlie and Jamie, to chat about music, hobbies and life in general. As the duo prepare for the release of their debut single “Soul For You” on 25th January.

Here’s what they had to say:

How would you describe your music to anyone who hasn’t heard you before?

We aim for well arranged, hooky, anthemic, catchy tunes and certainly doff our cap to the 90’s Britpop indie pop/rock sound. Vibey, energetic, melodic – big tunes with heart that love a good laugh but got a serious side lurking in there too

How did you come up with the name “Moxie Kicks”?

It didn’t come easy that’s for sure. It’s a ball buster coming up with a band name. Moxie was a word we liked and we randomly stuck it together with Kicks and liked the way it flowed. It just sounded right. Got there in the end…

You met via an online music ad, what was the one thing that you saw in each other that made you think “yeah! This guy is the one”.

We were bang on the same page about what music we liked and wanted to make and both had ideas to bring to the table – which made writing together fluid and really enjoyable. We just clicked and became great mates very fast. It’s been a riot. Cheers Gumtree…

You have a long list of musical influences, including The Stones, The Cure, and Blur, but whom would you say influenced you individually the most?

I was a major Stones fan from a very young age after finding a book on Jagger on my parents’ bookshelf. The whole word they inhabited was fascinating to me and then I ensconced myself in their music, which I loved. So yeah, I’d say they were my biggest influence and their music lead me into discovering loads of other great stuff in my teens and onwards. Jamie and I’s middle ground is very much the bands we loved growing up – Supergrass, Counting Crows, Blur, Oasis, The Verve, Radiohead, Coldplay (Parachutes) – our debut album definitely has a 90’s influence in its sound

You have recorded your album in a back yard studio, with Jamie producing, and it’s gone down well with critics, is there anyone you would ideally like to work with or do you prefer the hands on approach?

We originality tried to record the album with a big name producer in a fancy studio in Belgium but it backfired. We regrouped and Jamie took the helm alongside Tim Rowkins in Jamie’s back yard studio. We had more time, working to our own schedule, to invest in the songs and the recording process meaning that we came up with stuff we were far happier with. Trevor Horn, Damon Albarn, Rick Rubin…there’s too many to name of people we admire who it would be great to work with but not gonna forget the lessons we learnt from this record

We love your debut single, “Soul For You”, which is due to be released on the 25th January. Can you talk us through the song and the meaning behind the lyrics?

Cheers. Yeah we set out to make a vibey, catchy, upbeat party tune that got you singing along and grooving. Whilst upbeat in its production, the song is really a lament about a lost love – ya know, the one that got away you who still dig

What do you both like to do in your spare time; do either or both of you have any hobbies away from the music?

Film, travel, sailing, partying in no partic order…

Have you ever been given any particularly useful (or useless) advice??

I don’t recall some neat piece of advice from a parent or Gandhi or a schoolteacher or whatever that set me up for life …. If only it were that simple. But what I do inherently believe is that if you take the time to listen to yourself and have a genuine passion, desire and faith – then work hard to achieve it – you can create anything you want in life. You just can’t know exactly when it’s gonna turn up so just keep on at it until it happens for you….because it will. As long as your heart is really in it…

What music do you like to listen to? Are there any songs on your iPod that might surprise people?

Ya know, love it all – different music for different occasions. It can change a mood and it can create a mood. My phone/comp is bursting, look forward to finding the time to listen to it all! It’s certainly eclectic. Having a quick flick through my music on my phone – Captain Beefheart, DJ Shadow, Fela Kuti, John Martyn, Lee Morgan, Mystery Jets, Roy Hamilton, Stone Roses, S-Tone Inc, Violent Femmes etc etc etc etc…..there’s all sorts. Sun Kil moon ‘Benji’ is what I am listening to at the mo..reminds me of ‘August and Everything After’ which is one of Jamie and I’s favourite records

What can we expect from Moxie Kicks in the Future?

We are gonna release the album in the first half of 2015 plus a few singles this year and we will be gigging and touring like mad – dates to be announced soon! Keep an eye on the website (www.moxiekicks.com) and FB etc. Lots going on this year, we can’t wait!

Thanks for taking time out to speak to us.

Anytime – cheers

Soul For You By Moxie Kicks is due for release 25th January 2015.  Check out their Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and Youtube.


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