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jasmine june

Based in North London, singer-songwriter has just released her latest EP, “Dub LoVe Me”. A dubstep vocal-led track, it combines punchy floating vocals and strong hooks, and features guest rapper, Max Lundne.

Refresingly original, Jasmine June is a classically trained singer, with her operatic work performed under her real name, Natasha Hardy.

Currently working on several different projects, she is also composing new material for her classical crossover EP.

“Dub LoVe Me” is released on Peachie Records and is available from iTunes. We recently had the opportunity to chat to Jasmine June.

How would you describe yourself and your music to somebody who hasn’t seen or heard of you before?

Well I’m definitely a free spirit and a hopeless romantic and my music reflects that, essentially as these are the ingredients to my vocal led dance pop. I guess I would class my music as a cross between EDM and pop, think Kylie/Cascada.

Do you feel being a classically trained singer gives you an advantage when it comes to recording in the studio?

Yes definitely, there are certain techniques that are used a lot in the studio things like very breathy and croaky sounds and very loud singing, which are very popular, but I won’t do them because they could damage my vocal chords. I still want to be singing 10 years from now, so I just try to make my voice sound really smooth by warming up properly, hydrating plenty and using lots of breath control.

Who are your main musical influences? Is there anyone you would ideally love to collaborate with?

Wow there are so many! Well I was definitely influenced by the sounds of artists like Ian Van Dahl and Tiesto, I also love the smooth vocals of Alena, Nadia Ali, & Marcella Woods and that’s why some of my earlier music sounds a lot more trancey. Madonna, Faithless & Daft Punk have always and continue to inspire and influence me.

In terms of people I have most wanted to collaborate with I have been very fortunate. I have just starting working with KosmetiQ who is an amazingly talented producer & DJ and we have already completed a piece of music for Ferrari but that’s all I can say at the moment. In the future I’d also love to work with William Orbit and Mike Peden.

You recently made an appearance in Robert Carsens’ production of ‘Dialogues Des Carmelites’ at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. How different was the experience, compared to performing In places such as The Ministry Of Sound?

In lots of ways they are quite similar. As a performer, I concentrate on keeping the energy moving & being in the moment for the audience. At the Royal Opera House you can hardly see the audience because the lighting is so bright, but you can still definitely feel the energy from them; whereas at The Ministry of Sound, although it is dark, you can see the crowd and in a way because of that it feels more personal. The energy of the crowd at the Ministry is amazing; you can’t help but feel the buzz whilst you are singing in front of hundreds of people. At the Royal Opera House you really only get to see the audience at the very end for the curtain calls, but is worth the wait as it is very special and unique.

Your lasted single “Dub Love Me” was released on the 24th November, and features guest Rapper Maz Lunden. How did the collaboration come about?

I was introduced to Maz through a mutual friend, DJ Holly Bee. I had written a track called I Can’t Wait and Maz co-produced the track for us. Not long after that Marcin contacted me through Soundcloud and sent me a track. I knew I could write to it after just one listen as it was so good. As Marcin lives in Dublin it was easier to record the vocals here in the UK so I asked Maz if I could record in his studio. I knew the track needed something a little edgier to juxtapose my soft vocals, so I wrote the rap and asked Maz if he would record it so we could have a male vocal on there until we could find a rapper. After he did the first take I knew it was going to be Maz on the track as he sounded amazing –I didn’t realize he had a secret talent! So we tweeked the rap and the rest is history as they say!

Are they any other genres of music you would consider recording in? Is there anything on your iPod that might surprise people?

Oh yes definitely. I love singing and writing pop/dance music but as a trained soprano, I love singing in my classical voice too! I love Reggae and old 50’s music. My Dad lived in Jamaica for a few years in his 20’s and my mum loved musicals so we grew up as kids listening to stuff like Harry Belfonte and Doris Day.

If you’re having a quiet evening home, what would you be listening to?

I listen to music on my laptop a lot so, it would depend what mood I’m in. If I’m feeling chilled probably classic fm, or if I have company something like Room 4 Space or Funky Panda.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Currently I’m writing and recording some classical crossover material with Stephen Wakeling & Paul Foss of Qritikal Media that will be released under my real name Natasha Hardy. This is a very exciting time for me at the moment so I can’t wait to finish the planning and get recording! So watch this space!

You can find Jasmine June via her website and Facebook.

Watch the music video for “Dub Love Me”:

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