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Chicane, aka Nicholas Bracegirdle, is a British composer, songwriter and record producer. He’s best known for “Offshore”, “Saltwater” (vocals by Clannad’s Maire Brennan), and “Don’t Give Up”, which features vocals by Bryan Adams. It was this last track which became a top ten hit across Europe and Australia.

Nick has now teamed up with The Voice star, Bo Bruce, on his new single, “Still With Me”. Bo recently had a number 1 with the club hit “Unity”, and was mentored by The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue in the 2012 series of The Voice, where she sang ‘Love The Way You Lie’ better than Rihanna, according to Will.I.Am. “Still With Me” comes out on November 17.

We’d like to thank Nick for speaking to us.

You’re most decidedly not a DJ – far from just spinning the discs, you’re a composer, songwriter and producer – How would you describe your music to people who’ve not heard you before?

Well, I would like to start by say that I have been DJ’ing constantly for the last 3 years or so and have been doing so instead of playing live. I have been playing live for the last 15 years, so DJ’ing has been a refreshing & enjoyable change, playing everywhere from Space & cafe Mambo in Ibiza to the Ministry of Sound in London. I would though describe what I do to someone who hasn’t listened as ‘a widescreen approach to dance music’ The chicane ethos is also one which is not bound by genre and every piece I write i do so to provoke an emotional response, anything less is just ‘lift music.’

If you could turn back time would you follow the same path?

Without question, there are always mistakes, but these make you stronger and a more resilient artist.

“Still With Me” is quite relaxed, almost slow, yet remains inherently a dance track – where do you see people playing it? What is the inspiration behind it?

Still With Me is like the antidote to all this awful, talentless EDM nosebleed shite we are all being fed at the moment. It’s a beautiful tune which is all about the melody and making you feel a certain way. It can be played anywhere to be honest, but its actually turned out to be something people want to listen to and is really well liked, and this is the key to gaining respect as a producer, not following the same path as all the other sheep.

The haunting vocals of Bo Bruce on “Still With Me” conjure up crisp white snow, tinkling icicles, evenings spent by the fire – how did working with Bo come about?

I had Bo in mind for a track, I also had tried various people out on Still with me, Bo just had the edge, injecting enough emotion to make the piece believable and epic. I dont think for a second it will be the last time we collaborate, she is outstanding.

You’re a classically trained musician – do you apply these skills to composing dance music?

It does help at times, and at other moments, helps not a jot. Being able to write is a peculiar skill that cannot be taught or learned, you just have it or not. This I consider myself my gift in life.

What’s your vision for “Sum of All Its Parts”?

Its exactly what it says it is, its a collection of songs/tracks when listened together, become way more powerful than just cherrypicking tracks. Its about listening to an album and understanding a body of work. My work has always been in this fashion, but I would like to feel my writing has matured to a new peak with this new material.

What does 2015 hold for you?

Hopefully some amazing big band shows again, I would like to tour the socks off this album and show the ‘Milli Vanilli’ dj’s just how its really done.

“Still With Me” is available from Amazon, iTunes, and can be streamed on Spotify.

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