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London girl, Ella On The Run is an alternative pop solo artist with influences in pacific vocals and house synth vibes, which are perfect for our evolutionary industry. Laurabeth recently had the chance to have a chat to her.

EP: Which bands/artist influences you most at the current moment and why?

Ella: St.Vincent, FKA Twiggs, Banks, Say LouLou, Shanon Saunders (whose producer Dee Adam I  have/am working with), Kate Boy, Shura…

They’re all unique and come under Alternative Pop like myself. I admire them because they take risks and push boundaries.

EP: How long have you been creating music?

Ella: I think 6 years old, I remember performing to family and friends. I was fortunate to get singing lessons and I joined bands in school. It was only until university that I got into recording.

EP: Do you have any hobbies, are you in or have been higher education and have a job?

Ella: I have a Cordon Bleu Chef’s degree and I studied Music Business Management at Berklee College of Music in the US.

I read a lot of books, my favourite is ‘Lord of The Rings’, and I’ve read it a thousand times over. Recently, I enjoyed ‘The One Hundred Year Old Man That Climbed out of a Window and Disappeared’.

EP: What inspired your new single, ‘Cavalry’? And how long did it take to produce the finished product?

Ella: A fan’s story inspired the single and also personal experiences too. It’s also a metaphor for the explosive relationship they had, their ups and downs they went through. I actually recorded it a year and a half ago in LA with my producer friend Matt Bang.

EP: What are your thoughts on the current music industry?

Ella: There are so many more opportunities right now for like-minded artists; the change in the industry is a good thing; as you can use it to your advantage. I worked for Universal Music and a radio station which helped nourish my experience. Working in the industry really helps, from work experience to internships, there are so much many more companies you can project yourself into, and it’s great. Of course change is always scary but I think it is a good thing and if you embrace it you can use it to your advantage.

EP: Who would you most like to collaborate and work with and why?

Ella: FK Twigs, Disclosure, Tove Lo, Lorde. They can teach me so much and I would like to see how they approach their song writing.

EP: What advice would you give to any budding artists like yourself?

Ella: Don’t give up. When you have a talent, one day you will be recognised for it. You’ve got to prepare yourself for the day you will be recognised. “Nothing comes from nothing.”

EP: If you could describe your new single in one sentence, what would it be?

Ella: Amazing (laughs) infectious? You don’t need a whole sentence, one word is enough (laughs).

EP: Do you have any goals for yourself during the next 5 years?

Ella: I’d like to smash the UK and American market. I would like larger concerts and work with even more new people and talented artists and just share creativity.

EP: Do you have any upcoming tours, where can we see you next?

Ella: Servant Jazz Quarter , Feb 11th , opening for Delaire. More to come so look at

EP: Fab! Well it’s been great talking with you Ella! Thank you.

Ella: Thank you so much Laurabeth, anytime.

You can find Ella On The Run on Vevo ,Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her website. ‘Cavalry’ is out now on iTunes.


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