Introducing: Lost in a Name


“Lost in a Name is a real rock band, not posers attempting to make rock music, mimicking what they’ve heard before. This band plays rock from the heart…”


“…An exceptionally talented band to say the least. Lost In a Name truly have a gift for songwriting and playing music in general, and they definitely deserve a listen.”


“…With style that both reminds you of what’s good about our scene, while still having a unique style of their own.”


Lost in a Name is a 2 piece heavy rock band, the brainchild of singer Danny Schmitz, who came up with the idea in high school. 7 years later he’s still going strong, albeit with 16 member changes. Drummer Geoff Slater makes up the other half of the duo.

Well-respected in the underground Wisconsin rock scene, the pair have their eyes set firmly on world-domination.

Having previously played in a band with a “big time” manager (leaving that band resulted in Schmitz writing “Poison”, the lead single from their EP “The Chorus Gives Us Reason”), Schmitz decided to follow his heart and go his own way. He held auditions and when Slater turned up on time during an epic Milwaukee blizzard, Danny signed him up on the spot.

“I think it was around the time that our manager said ‘What the f*&%k is wrong with you? Can you not handle being in a band? Do we need to find someone else? Are you a man or a mouse?’ that I realized I needed to get out.

“He had managed multi-platinum selling bands and for the management contract signing he took the band (and our girlfriends) to the most expensive, fanciest restaurant I’d ever been to. I thought this was it! We’ve finally made it.”

– Danny Schmitz says of his former band that had a “big time” manager who promised to get them a major label deal within 18 months.

“The Chorus Gives Us Reason” is riff-heavy, and extremely enjoyable. The musical prowess of Schmitz and Slater is evident from first hearing. The highlight is the lead song, “Poison”, with its catchy chorus, soaring guitar licks and thumping drums.

It’s obvious that music is Danny and Geoff’s passion so if you have the opportunity, definitely go see them live!

Find “Lost In A Name” on iTunes, Twitter, Bandcamp, Facebook, Reverbnation and their Website.


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