Eclectic Artist Sol Releases Music Video For New Single, ‘Mystery’

Eclectic Pop artist, Sol, is best known for her intimate approach to music. The evocative qualities within Sol’s style honour her ability to paint a primitive picture, adding nuance to the current landscape of music; ‘Mystery’ is a reflection of the intimidating and invigorating journey of self exploration and discovery.

‘Mystery’, Sol’s debut single, produced by Los Angeles’ Connor Irias (Auralponic), is representative of the rudimentary foundation of her music. Exceeding 30,000 plays on Soundcloud in the first 3 months of the single’s release, the sultry details of the song fulfil atmospheric slants and ethereal vocals, without deterring from its danceability. Sol reveals,

“‘Mystery’ is a song inspired by existential curiosity and confusion. Understanding and accepting the power of the unsatiating desires within me, while also realising the vital importance of allowing myself to indulge in the simplest mysteries of life – in order to stay balanced and grounded. While the wonders and mysticism of the ever-growing ethers roar within me, I also think about the boy in the dark corner of that one party that caught my eye – and write a song about it.”

Collaborator on the single, Connor Irias, is the innovator behind the creative undertaking, Auralponic. Connor has met commercial success through network TV AD campaigns (NBC) and touring music festivals (such as Lightning In A Bottle). Together, Sol and Auralponic have found a way of weaving their striking styles and sounds to create the mystery that is ‘Mystery’.

“There is an enchanting, sometimes nostalgic spirit that I hope to capture in my music. I tell my story as a starry eyed romantic with the profundity of the deepest depths of the earth. I hope to have the ability to take the smallest glimpse of a feeling or moment and amplify it to its all encapsulating potential.” – Sol

With the greatly anticipated release of the first single’s music video, and a series of soon-to-be released singles, collaborations, and performances, follow Sol for updates on all upcoming involvements.

Find Sol online on her official website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify.

Crow (FKA Sol) ft. Auralponic - Mystery

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