Ethan Gold Shares About New Single ‘Pretty Girls’, His Future Plans, And Tells Us His Answer To Our Favourite Question

The laid back chill vibes of Ethan Gold’s latest single, ‘Pretty Girls’ has a mix of 60s rhythms and bossa nova vibes. Even so, the modern production values give the track a crispness that’s impossible to be captured on the 3 and 4 track recording systems so prevalent in that era.

Ethan Gold Visits A ‘Bright & Lonely City’ With Release Of New Track

In any city skyline anywhere around the world, you’ll see the same thing. Thousands of lights, in thousands of windows, in hundreds upon hundreds of towers, each representing an individual life in progress. So many people, so many stories, so many unheard tales, swallowed by the vastness and silence of the night. Ethan Gold, a specialist in radical empathy, feels for every one of them. ‘Bright & Lonely City’, his latest single, is an anthem for the introverted — a gorgeous, sighing electronic rock song that confronts loneliness, alienation, and the desperate desire to be known.

Ethan Gold – ‘Our Love Is Beautiful’ 

The video for ‘Our Love Is Beautiful’, by Ethan Gold, features fans from all over the world singing Gold’s words, one at a time, in clips from their home countries. The faces of people both young, and old, energetic, and weary, weathered, and beautiful come together in a sequence that is somewhat mesmerising.

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