Six (Or Seven) Quick Questions For The Tailormade

We’ve caught up with The Tailormade and asked them six (or seven) Quick Questions.

EP: In your own words what’s The Tailormade story?
TT: So in a nutshell the Tailormade formed at university, we were friends first and then at the end instead of getting proper jobs we decided to go travelling and busking around Europe. Faced with the decision of going home and saving or jumping into and moving to London, we went for the latter and it all began there….
EP: Where does the name come from?
TT: We had a different name to begin with and was thinking of a change something a little bit more band like. We liked to dress smart and put our own twist on songs so the Tailormade was formed.
EP: You’ve had a huge year last year. Tell us about it!
TT: We were lucky to have a huge year, lots of big support slots up and down the country. It was amazing, we were in different cities every week with a different superstar, we learnt so much from the likes of Tom Jones, Madness, The Beach Boys and Jess Glynne, we all look back on that summer with such great memories.
EP: You’re in the middle of your Coffee House Sessions now. Who came up with that name, and what does it mean to you?
TT: So the coffee house sessions is a tour run by coalition talent, when we saw it we thought this was perfect for us, rocking up to a university SU bar and performing a couple of tracks acoustic. Sounded like our cup of tea…Excuse the pun.
EP: Talk us through your new single, ‘Mr Perfect’. What’s it all about? Is it written with anyone in mind?
TT: We started writing this years ago when we were at university about a friend of ours that went for rotten blokes, a few years later we found the lyrics and decided to rewrite it as it was a wicked concept and there we have it. We’re still really good friends with who we wrote it about, all though I don’t think she knows it’s about her…
EP: To our way of thinking, ‘Mr Perfect’ has a real northern soul style about it. Was that a conscious decision? If so why?
TT: Ah thank you. We haven’t heard that one before, it wasn’t really a conscious decision we just try and write the most upbeat lively music we can. We have influences from Motown, northern soul and things like that so subconsciously it probably took over.

EP: What’s next for The Tailormade?
TT: We’re excited to get back out on the road, continue to gig and tour and release brand new music. We’ve got so many songs we want to share so hopefully big things are coming this year.
‘Mr Perfect’ is available to stream and download on Spotify and Apple Music. You can find out more about The Tailormade from their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and their official website.
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