GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT – Salient Braves Release New EP Ahead of Crowdfunded Debut Album

Barnsley indie band Salient Braves have released a new EP while looking for backing for the release of their debut album due out next year.

Heavily influenced by ’80s Shambling bands, the ‘Braves hope the four-track EP will convince fans to help crowdfund the new album.

Entitled Guilty Until Proven Innocent, the EP picks up from where its predecessor They Must Have Seen Me Coming left off.

Acid-tongued lyricist and key songwriter Matt Bailey is back with more jingle-jangle tales of lags, losers and layabouts.

Set to a deceptively jolly tune, the title track takes a pop at the criminal justice system as the protagonist finds himself on the wrong side of the long arm of the law.

My Alter Ego is a spiky duet with Bailey seemingly having an argument with er… his other self.

Lonely in a crowd, Bailey’s the only one without a girl on Boy’s Night Out – a well observed sketch of preening and peacocking lads out on the prowl ‘on a typical Friday night’.

As its title suggests Cynical Old Bastard is much darker in tone, with a suitably downbeat backing complementing the ramblings of a bitter old misanthrope.

The wry humour is never far away though, as Bailey pokes fun at himself by proclaiming “I’m a rhyme barrel-scraping cynical old bastard”.

Fans of Half Man Half BiscuitSultans of Ping FC and The Shop Assistants should find plenty to enjoy here.

Bailey says the ‘Braves are confident of meeting their target to fund the new album, set to be called Delusions of Grandeur. but would welcome contributions from fans and labels interested in distributing the record.

  • For more information visit the Crowdfunding site here
  • The “Guilty Until Proven Innocent EP”  is available from the Broken Down Records Bandcamp page here
  • Find out more about  The Salient Braves on @salientbraves on Twitter or Facebook


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