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The Passenger: The Best Songs About Travel

Whether it is the samba beats you hear on vacation while you laze by the beach, or the futuristic soundtrack as it captures your journey on a bullet train, there are so many songs about travel that seem to capture a place and a time. In popular music, travel has been one of the themes that the greatest songwriters keep coming back to. And there are songs that evoke a feeling, and sometimes the lyrics can be literally about travel, but sometimes it is something that you feel when you are hundreds of miles up in the air, feeling like you’re going home, or going on an adventure. Here are some of the best songs about travel, in our humble opinion.

Disney Like A Pro, Quick Service Food At The Magic Kingdom

As I had mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I am a huge Disney Fan! Some of my earliest memories are of me in front of the TV dancing along with the penguins in Mary Poppins and riding on my dad’s back pretending to be Aladdin. As I got a little older, my weekends were full of cartoons like Recess, Pepper Anne, Doug, The Weekenders, etc on Disney’s One Saturday Morning. So, when my family asked if I wanted to join them in the Happiest Place On Earth over my sister’s reading week break, you all know I said yes!