Premiere: Peppermint Heaven Get In Festive Mood With New Single, ‘Christmas Day’

Yes it’s still September, and we’ve got Halloween ahead of us yet, but that’s not stopping Peppermint Heaven, who today release their new single, ‘Christmas Day’, via Megahit Records. The new track comes ahead of the release of eponymous album, which drops on October 29.

Producers Peppermint Heaven Return with Synthwave-Inspired Remix

Peppermint Heaven’s latest release is a remix by DRYVE of their track, ‘Super Reaction’. Dropped on March 19 via Megahit Records, the collaboration extends Peppermint Heaven’s already well-established synth sound and applies a driving Italo-Bass rhythm to it.

From Apes To Angels To Release Debut EP, ‘New Skin’ On July 24

Synth/dreamwave duo, From Apes to Angels, bring an 80s vibe to their music reminiscent of the likes of Depeche Mode, Visage, and Ultravox and more recent artists such as Chvrches and Grimes.

Comprising Millie Gaum on vocals and Andrew Brassleay on synth, From Apes To Angels are set to release their debut EP, ‘New Skin’, on July 24.

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