Snypa – ‘Custom’

Keeping the rap game fresh is California native Snypa, who’s bringing bass-booming beats and raspy lyrics to every hip-hop head around the world. This developing artist is finding his footing in various genres, from tropical Caribbean grooves in his single ‘All Night’ to traditional trap in ‘No Kizzy’. Snypa’s versatility to bounce between radically different sounds highlights his raw talent in music production, something he has been mastering since the young age of 16-years-old. Being surrounded by musical influences his entire life – his mother is a gospel singer, and his cousin is the multi-Grammy-winning artist Al Green – provided him the tool kit to become a multifaceted artist. The rapper has even developed his own label, Wraith Talk Music, which he moved to Atlanta to absorb the culture and soul of the city and expand opportunities to growing talent. Snypa is here to reinvent the hip-hop industry, one heavy-hitting track at a time.