Patrick Breen – ‘The Waters’

The video for New York City based singer songwriter Patrick Breen’s song, ‘The Waters’ has been directed by young director, Solo Koo. It’s essentially a short film, which has been impeccably rendered, and carefully choreographed, to tell a moving story.

John Tracy – ‘Love True Just For You’

We’ve followed John Tracy’s career for a few years now, and he first came to our attention with his single, ‘Midnight Moon’, in July 2017, then ‘Silent Night’ that October, and ‘Home’ last year. Now he’s back with his latest track, ‘Love True Just For You’, a hearfelt love song, which comes with a beautiful music video.

The Soft Underground – ‘Morning World’ Is A Post Punk Delight

The Soft Underground are from the outskirts of Manhattan, in New York City, but nevertheless are feted as modern successors to the bands of Seattle’s alt scene, from the 90s.

Matthew Schultz – ‘Promise For Keeps’

Matthew Schultz released his long-awaited new single, ‘Promise For Keeps’ on 2 February this year. The Manhattan based producer and artist seamlessly blends EDM and Major Lazer style dancehall to good effect, with the end result a cutting edge pop song.