YUNGBLUD Releases ‘Live In Atlanta’ Via Locomotion/Geffen Records

YUNGBLUD releases Live In Atlanta today via Locomotion/Geffen Record. Live In Atlanta was recorded during his sold-out October 10, 2018 show at Vinyl. The 12-track set kicks off with ’21st Century Liability’ – the title track of YUNGBLUD’s 2018 debut album – and includes searing versions of ‘I Love You, Will You Marry Me’, ‘Psychotic Kids’, ‘California’, and ‘Die For The Hype’. Fans can also choose from an assortment of album bundles.

Dan Says – Week Three

With Valentine’s Day on it’s way…I’m interested to know about what everyone’s up to? I read about this heart sausage that M&S were doing that looked super scrumptious however it’s mixed with truffle and I’m not the biggest fan of truffle; so I think this year, I’ll give that one a miss. My most romantic Valentine’s Day was probably long walks along a beach front with my then-partner…I haven’t really been that lucky in love to have a series of great Valentines, but the beach-front walks were certainly romantic and sweet…with a brisk wind and a look of adoration from your partner, mixed with a portion of chips to share; it really is the simple things sometimes. I have made a silent rule to myself to put myself “out there” more this year in terms of dating… normally I go on one date with a guy and get really hung up on him, but this year, I’m allowing myself the opportunity to explore.