Dan Says – Week Three

With Valentine’s Day on its way…I’m interested to know about what everyone’s up to? I read about this heart sausage that M&S were doing that looked super scrumptious however it’s mixed with truffle and I’m not the biggest fan of truffle; so I think this year, I’ll give that one a miss. My most romantic Valentine’s Day was probably long walks along a beach front with my then-partner…I haven’t really been that lucky in love to have a series of great Valentines, but the beach-front walks were certainly romantic and sweet…with a brisk wind and a look of adoration from your partner, mixed with a portion of chips to share; it really is the simple things sometimes. I have made a silent rule to myself to put myself “out there” more this year in terms of dating… normally I go on one date with a guy and get really hung up on him, but this year, I’m allowing myself the opportunity to explore.

I went to see the revival of ‘Avenue Q’ on Wednesday at the New Wimbledon Theatre. ‘Avenue Q’ was one of the first shows I saw on the West End nine years ago when I moved to London… I thought at the idea of me doing a Performing Arts course that I should divulge myself into some Theatre, so that was one of the one’s I watched. It’s insanely hysterical and I was intrigued to see if they would alter it for a modern audience, but it was one… I have to say though, there was one lady who enjoyed the song ‘Everyone’s A Little Racist’ a bit too much; one of those moments where one’s laughter becomes a little awkward.

These songs have been getting me through the week, whilst I admit I’ve only really been listening to Ariana’s album and Meghan Trainor’s EP since Friday. 

Meghan Trainor – ‘All The Ways’

Meghan dropped this little pop ditty last year as a promo single for (what was considered) forthcoming album ‘Treat Myself’ and it truly deserved full single treatment. It’s a really poppy, light-hearted number detailing falling for someone and them falling for you and just having that realisation that this relationship is simply going to work out… it has a self doubt complex running throughout it “I need more details / more texts, calls and emails”. The track is now the opening track on her newly released EP ‘The Love Train’ which sets the perfect mood for Valentines Day and features super-bops ‘Foolish’ and ‘I’m Down’ and the gorgeous, adult contemporary ballad ‘After You’. Meghan got married at the end of last year and her music very much complements where she is now mentally…

Ariana Grande – ‘Ghostin’

‘Ghostin’ is possibly one of the most talked about Ariana songs at the moment…the song has a fairly complex narrative to it which sadly, I find myself relating to a lot more than I would want to admit…it’s about being in a relationship with someone but wishing they were someone else…preferably that one guy you’re still hung up over.  It’s about that pain that you suffer watching someone making such an effort to make you happy when they know you’re still hung up over your ex…I remember an encounter a while back when I was in bed with a guy and we were watching TV and I was rubbing his neck and thinking to myself “you’re not him”. Shameless. The track is very stripped back and to give a slight impression of who the track might be about, it samples a Mac Miller track.

Lizzo – ‘Juice’

‘Juice’ is a super bop! I don’t know much about Lizzo but I saw a few people on Twitter talking about this track, so gave it a listen, as I love knowing what people are listening to and they did not disappoint. The song has this funky vibe to it and is full of meme worthy lyrics and any track that references Chardonnay is going to be a hit with me.

Halsey – ‘Without Me (Illenium Remix)’

Interestingly, I don’t normally like remixes, however I heard this version on an Avril Lavigne insta-story and was blown away and after hearing the original, I felt kind of underwhelmed, so I kept my attention to the remix. The track details a romance where you bring somebody new into your life, who may have not been in the best place mentally when they had first met and as the relationship blossomed and the person’s mental place got stronger, the relationship did not… we see the narrator Halsey questioning what went wrong “put you right back on your feet just so you could take advantage of me”. What I love about the remix is the split vocals and Skrillex-style production captures the heartbreak and irritation one would feel in this moment, in my opinion.

Ariana Grande – ‘Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored’

Like I said, I’ve been jamming to Meghan and Ariana since Friday and as this song is an official single, it’s been quite high on my play list this week. The track is everything you want when you’re feeling savage… the cute guy who appears to have a lover and you want him to yourself. It’s a fairly selfish narrative, but it’s one we’ve all experienced… the grass is always greener and what not. The track is super catchy and I love the way she slurs “girlfriendddddd”, it almost justifies her behaviour, that BTW I totally am okay with…there’s a guy in my timeline that I think about sending this too as he gets a little too friendly towards me after a beer… #BreakUpWithYourBoyfriendImBored.

I’m really excited for this coming week as it’s my niece’s 6th birthday and then of course there is Valentine”s Day. Some friends and I are thinking of going out on Thursday night to see this hysterical Rebecca More at G-A-Y Heaven…but I’m kinda boring now and going out on a Thursday night seems naughty.

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