Justin Bieber ‘Purpose Tour’, Cardiff Principality Stadium, 30 June 2017

30th June 2017, Canadian heart-throb Justin Bieber brought his worldwide stadium tour, ‘Purpose’ to Cardiff, UK. Thousands of fans, from around the world joined together to watch him grace the stage. And I was one of the lucky ones. 

The concert, was at the Principality Stadium and began at half past six, with the first support act, a talented young man named Will Heard.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to take a photo of Will’s set. Will was like a breath of fresh air, his songs setting the mood for an amazing night. He entertained the audience, making the crowd his own. He owned that stage and breathed confidence. He performed his songs, such as ‘Trust’ and ‘Naked’ from his ‘Trust ‘ EP.

The next support act was American singer and songwriter, Halsey.

Halsey owned the stage, getting the crowd excited for the man himself, Justin Bieber.

She sang hits such as ‘Hold Me Down’ , ‘Colors’ and ‘Gasoline’ , as well as the hit song ‘Closer’ what she featured on with The Chainsmokers. Halsey’s vocals set the stage alight, as fans screamed with enthusiasm. She even dedicated a song to the LGBT community and had the flag up for a song, herself talking about love and acceptance. She hyped up the crowd, and definitely made an impact.

After a short break, we was all left in suspense… suddenly, Bieber entered the stadium in a glass box to opening track Mark My Words from album Purpose. The stadium erupted in screams and excitement.

Justin had an acoustic set, just him and his trusty guitar. He sang a slowed down version of ‘Cold Water’  and ‘Love Yourself’. This was the section what really showed his talent and all the audience went wild. The stadium lit up with waving torch lights.

The main focus of this tour was his 2015 album. Justin sang his songs off the incredible album, including ‘No Pressure’, ‘Life Is Worth Living’ and our personal favourite ‘Children’.

During ‘Life Is Worth Living’ , a majority of the fans held up red roses. It was symbolic, emotional and we all stood together. Torches were lit, and the song title hit home. Justin had raw emotion in his voice as he sang.

The Canadian singer played plenty of well-known hits from the three-time platinum album ‘Purpose’, such as ‘Company’, ‘Where Are U Now’ and ‘What Do You Mean?’

The concert included strobe lights, what were frantic and added to the party atmosphere. As well as the star having multiple outfit changes.

Justin hit the stage with some of his older tracks from the ‘Believe’ album singing ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘As Long As You Love Me’. During the latter, Justin did an upbeat drum solo, what sent fans into dance.

‘Baby’ was played, and fans were screaming. We have no regrets in singing along to every song..and the rap part in ‘Baby’. It sent the audience into over-drive. It was a nod, to the star’s younger self, and it went down well!.

The whole concert had an enjoyable feel, with Bieber inviting child dancers up on the stage and bonding with them. The star involved himself in complex choreography and had fun whilst doing so. The live band performed so well.

To finish the unique, fun-filled concert, the talented singer did an encore of ‘Sorry’ what had fans holding hands, dancing and jumping.

The star really shone in the Welsh capital. He was talented and he proved it. He was involved, and was happy to be there, providing a warm, happy and fun environment to be in. The concert was great and we loved every minute.

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