Trouble In Mind: Moby Releases ‘Reprise’, A Re-Imagining Of His Classic ‘Play’ Album On Deutsche Grammophon Along With Documentary ‘Moby Doc’ – Both Out Today

Mention Moby and I can guarantee that you will instantly have running through your head his song, ‘Natural Blues’, from his 1999 album, ‘Play’. Back then the track featured a sample vocal from folk singer, Vera Hall, singing ‘Trouble So Hard’, which Moby found on a boxed set of folk music, collected by field recorder, Alan Lomax.

Scarlett Johansson And Pete Yorn Reunite On Ethereal EP ‘Apart’

I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t previously been aware of Scarlett Johansson’s extensive music career, but it’s pretty formidable, spanning over a decade – so I hereby apologise. Pete Yorn has likewise amassed a prodigious back catalogue, dating back as far as 2001. The pair have joined forces on their new EP, the ethereal ‘Apart’, the follow up to their 9 track album, ‘Break Up’, released in 2009.