Alicia G Returns With New Country Pop Single, ‘Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)’

Country Pop singer Alicia G returns with her new single, ‘Boom Boom Baby (Country Slide)’.

Alicia G Updates Us On What She’s Been Doing And We Talk About Future Plans And New Single ‘GUM’

We’ve been following Alicia G’s career for almost a year now, and seen her go from strength to strength. We spoke to her last December, but a lot has gone on since then, so we hit her up with some more questions, and we’re sure you’ll agree, she’s still on that rocket to the stars!

We Premiere Alicia G’s Latest Single, ‘GUM’! New Track Is The Follow Up For ‘Shake Down’.

Alicia G is a force to be reckoned with, following up her recent release, ‘Shake Down’ mere weeks later with her new single, ‘GUM’.

There’s Going To Be A ‘Shake Down’ In Alicia G’s New Single

Alicia G’s new single, ‘Shake Down’, sees her sing about the free-spirited life of a country girl, with her catchy lyrics and an infectious chorus.

We’re Doing The ‘Daisy Duke Two Step’ With Alicia G

We first met Alicia G back in December with her festival single, ‘You’re My Favorite Holiday’. Now she’s back, with her first release for 2022, ‘Daisy Duke Two Step’. The artist has demonstrated with her previous singles her versatility, and skilful mastery of melodies; now she turns her hand a country style rave up, which is accompanied by a sexy music video.

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 16

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 16 – Alicia G Talks To Us About Her Life, Music, And New Festive Single, ‘You’re My Favorite Holiday’

Earlier this month we featured Alicia G’s festive single, ‘You’re My Favorite Holiday’ in our Essential Advent Calendar. Now Alicia G returns to our calendar as she answers some questions about her life, music, and the most wonderful time of the year.

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 12

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 12 – Alicia G – ‘You’re My Favorite Holiday’

Alicia G gives us a festive number for her latest single, ‘You’re My Favorite Holiday’. A departure from her usual dance-rap sound, the new track has a retro sound reminiscent of the classic Christmas songs of yore.