The Best Foreign-Language Films

Perhaps, all of us love those lazy days when we just lie in our beds, eat snacks, and watch movies or TV shows. And while some would agree that this kind of leisure is not very productive, to say the least, it can benefit you if you approach it appropriately. You can learn a lot from movies, and not only from the philosophical standpoint. By watching great classic films in foreign languages, you can seriously develop your language skills without even noticing it.

Volare: A Touching Story of a Road Movie

Volare or All My Crazy Love is an Italian movie directed by Gabriele Salvatores who is known for his Oscar foreign-language film Mediterraneo in 1991. Recently, Gabriele Salvatores has helmed the teen superhero franchise The Invisible Boy. His latest film Volare is based on the translated bestseller by Fulvio Ervas, which was inspired by a true story, where the story is about a boozing lounge singer, Willi played by the famous Claudio Santamaria, who accidentally intersects with his teen son, whom he has never met.