Multi-Faceted Musician, Songwriter, And Producer, DJ Jubril B Brings Us His Highly Anticipated EP, ‘Something/U R IN’

‘Something/U R IN’, is the new EP from London-based DJ Jubril B. The artist is a multifaceted talent, being not just a singer songwriter and musician, but also a rapper, aspiring producer, and DJ.

‘Something/U R IN’ is out now and available to stream and download here.

The EP features two tracks, ‘Something’ and ‘U R IN’, as well as several remixes of each. Opening with the radio-friendly and incredibly catchy, ‘Something’, the listener is struck by the fusion of Afro-House and other electronic dance music styles, coming together in DJ Jubril B’s unique style. This is followed by the “short vocal” version, which, while similar to the original, sees the artist interpret the track in a much softer style. The final version of ‘Something’ is the “dub remix”, which imbues the song with a more club-ready vibe.

Track 4, ‘U R IN’, is an up tempo dance number, with DJ Jubril B’s vocals given an electronic treatment that works very well with the EDM rhythms. This is followed by an extended remix of the track, and, as with ‘Something’, “short vocal”, and “dub remix” versions.

DJ Jubril B began his musical journey relatively late in life, but stands as a testimony that there’s no age limit to following your dreams. DJ Jubril B played the bass guitar for the first time on the EP, which was recorded at Key Changes’ recording studio, in Brixton, and produced by Ronan Morrissey. It was originally released in August last year on Key Changes’ label, but DJ Jubril B re-released the EP on his independent label, Toxsie, in August this year.

There’s plenty more music in DJ Jubril B, who released his second EP, ‘@ Online’, also in August this year, and is currently working on his third, ‘CandyCup’.

You can find out more about DJ Jubril B and his music online here, which includes links to all his music, streaming locations, and social media. 

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