Stefanie Passione Releases New Single, ‘Replaceable’

Earlier today, Australian pop singer/songwriter Stefanie Passione released her latest single, the brilliant new track, titled ‘Replaceable’, across streaming platforms. Following up her release of ‘Miss You’ earlier this year, in April, the single (her seventh song so far) touches on the emotions Passione has experienced through the past couple years, accompanied by an awesome backing track and soulful guitar melody.

Many of Passione’s songs can be described as emotional pop ballads, detailing topics close to her heart. From her 2018 debut, ‘Just for One Night’, to the current day with ‘Replaceable’, her style has remained consistent, heart-touching, and above all else, brilliant to listen to. As with plenty of other artists, the pandemic had a great effect on her ability to produce music, and she took a hiatus from late 2020 to early 2023, but came back stronger than ever, and continues to get even better with tracks like ‘Replaceable’, her latest release.

A mix of thumping 808s and soulful pianos/guitars, ‘Replaceable’ already sounds brilliant before Passione says a word, due to the song’s great production quality. When she starts singing, however, it gets even better – her vocals mesh with the music perfectly, and the choice of instrumentation helps to amplify the lyrics. Delivering a heartfelt message through the awesome new song, Passione shows her passion for music in perhaps one of the most soulful ballads you’ll hear this year.

Listen to ‘Replaceable’ here and follow Passione on Instagram and Facebook.

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