Independent Irish Outfit Raging Sons Release Their 2nd Single Of 2023

Earlier today, Ireland’s freshest alt-rock outfit, Raging Sons, released their latest single, titled ‘Feel Love’. Starting with the release of their first album, ‘20:20’ in 2021, the trio of vocalist Fint Tynan, guitarist Colum Kelly and drummer Adam Reeves have been working hard behind the scenes since the COVID-19 pandemic, where the quarantine provided them with a unique opportunity to work even harder on making ‘20:20’.

The Limerick-based trio’s story begins before coronavirus changed the world forever. Bandmates Tynan, Kelly and Reeves were good friends who all shared a passion for rock, which they bonded over, starting a new alt-rock outfit before the turn of the decade. They quickly recorded a song, titled ‘Tonight’, which released in October 2020 – the first single off their soon-released critically acclaimed debut piece, ‘20:20’. Despite working independently of any record label, the group quickly found success due to their unique approach to alt-rock, with ‘20:20’ getting over a hundred thousand streams. Now, the trio continue on rocking with their newest single, ‘Feel Love’, which harkens back to that style of music they displayed on their first album.

Raging Sons are one example of many bands who take the quality over quantity approach. Releasing a total of fourteen tracks (6 singles) over the past 3 years, all of which have been utterly brilliant, the trio have captured the hearts of Limerick and many more towns and cities across Ireland. ‘Feel Love’ continues that approach of quality over quantity, with some of the smoothest tunes you’ll ever hear accompanying Fint Tynan’s awesome vocal performance helping to deliver an empathetic message that anyone can relate to. The brilliant new track will certainly be part of their performance on their Ireland tour later this month – something you can learn more about through the link below.

Buy tour tickets, stream ‘Feel Love’ and follow Raging Sons on social media here (Linktree).

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