Rock Duo Sick Ride Soon To Release Newest Song, ‘Fading Light’

With 5 years of touring experience behind them, the duo now seeks to reach new heights with their latest work – their upcoming album, which they seek to make as magnificent as possible. Judging by the incredible quality of ‘Fading Light’, this may not even be the best they have to offer – the duo are working hard behind the scenes to deliver a whole new musical product for their audience to listen to and appreciate.

In a week and a half (July 14th), the up-and-coming rock duo Sick Ride will be releasing their new single, ‘Fading Light’, as the lead single off their newest album. Coming out of Louisiana and touring the United States for the last 5 years, the duo have been demonstrating their tradition-breaking style for some time now – and this latest song follows that trend, defying the rules of rock and putting a new twist on the music.

The best way to describe the track itself is classical rock, though it doesn’t even fit that definition – what Sick Ride have done with this track doesn’t fit any specific genre or genres. The song has classic instrumentation such as pianos and organs, but discusses somber topics such as the melancholic feelings of fading love, and also emphasises the drums at times. The duo express their feelings through the vocals while also showing their passion through their instruments, combining to create a unique sounding song that you can only wish for more of – and more will be coming soon.

Stay tuned for updates on Sick Ride’s website.

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