R&B Singer Janet Noh Releases New Single ‘All Love’

Nearly three months ago, on April 14th, New York-based singer Janet Noh uploaded her new single ‘All Love’ to YouTube, and it left quite the positive impact on me and others. The up-and-coming artist wrote the song after having a rupture with a friend, and combines R&B and pop elements to emphasise the meaning behind her lyrics. Along with great accompanying instrumentation, Noh’s vocals help to create a unique and smooth listening experience.

The New York singer had a wide portfolio before getting into music – originally working in Wall Street finance, she quit the endeavour so she could live life properly and carry out her true passion – creating/teaching music. She spent years teaching songwriting at a wide range of institutions, such as Columbia University and Marymount Manhattan College, and wrote fronts for Anastasia, a feature film on multiple streaming platforms. Recently, she has started producing and promoting more of her own tracks online, independent of record labels.

As previously mentioned, the song is a unique fusion of R&B instrumentation/vocals, pop songwriting and some classical elements. Although concepts like these have been explored before, Noh puts her own twist on it to create her own unique sound. The song was inspired by rough times Noh went through and the breakdown of a relationship with her friend, which she not only discusses in the song, but uses it as a vehicle to deliver a strong message of self-love, while also throwing shade at the person discussed in the song. The song is ultimately positive, regardless of the shade thrown, and demonstrates a great fusion between different genres of music Noh has experience with.

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