FOREIGNER Announce ‘Farewell’ Compilation Album To Go Along With Final Tour

In the closing months of 2022, the world-famous rock band FOREIGNER made an announcement about a very difficult decision they had come to – to start their farewell tour, going through 2023 to 2024. Now, they’re releasing a compilation album to commemorate their near half-century history of music, with some of the biggest hits in rock’s history being featured on the ten-track vinyl – pressed in regal golden colours, ‘Farewell – The Very Best Of Foreigner’ contains some of the best music you’ll ever hear.

Starting in 1977 and continuing to the present day, despite all the tumultuous times the band has went through, with members leaving and joining regularly, Mick Jones’s project is still ongoing. Even with him reaching the age of 79 this December, and with a myriad of health issues, Jones is still determined to sail the band out to the sunset on their final tour through to 2024 – showing a commitment to performing that few musicians have been able to rival. Even with the membership of the band changing throughout the years, at its core, they’re still making the same music – now they seek to perform to the world one last time, releasing what will be their final album, ‘Farewell’.

The double-sided vinyl contains ten tracks, carefully selected from Foreigner’s library-sized discography, and contains songs such as ‘Feels Like The First Time’ and the #1 worldwide hit ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’. The album shows that despite how long they’ve been around, the band’s sound is still iconic and instantly recognisable to rock fans. Foreigner’s last hurrah isn’t just an incredible listening experience that anyone can pick up and enjoy – it’s a piece of rock history, and a sample of one of the world’s most successful groups. Even after their farewell tour ends, they’re still going to rock the world after they’re gone, with people continuing to listen to their incredible music such as the hits on ‘Farewell’.

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