Rave Outfit Ideas For Guys: Embrace The Energy With These 10 Styles

A rave is one of the most fun, unforgettable events a person can experience in their lifetime; the music, the people you’ll meet, the things you’ll experience, and the festival itself.

When looking back at photos of the event, you’ll want to be able to revisit that time looking your best. Here are 10 styles for rave outfits ideas for guys:

The Raver

Embrace the energy of a raver with a graphic tee and matching shorts. Pair with your favorite sneakers.

Another idea for the raver style is to blend a bold graphic tank with shorts and high-top sneakers. Pair a holographic hoodie with your favorite pair of jeans and high-top sneakers.

The best accessories for the Raver style for any outfit are LED rave gloves, bendable glow sticks, and an LED backpack.

The Stylish Gent

The energy of a stylish gent is embraced with a stylish, silk blazer, comfortable, but sleek slacks, and a pair boots.

Another outfit idea for the stylish gent is a rave-inspired suit with matching tie. Combine with a clean pair of white sneakers.

Every stylish gent will accessorize their rave outfit with a pair of trendy rave sunglasses.

The Night Rider

The Night Rider is like the Stylish Gent, but has a cool, but dark and mysterious side.

Pair a sleek leather jacket, white tank, dark jeans, and a pair of black combat boots to embody the Night Rider style.

Another way to embrace the Night Rider inspired look is to pair a colorful, sleek vest with holographic jeans and dark ankle boots.

To enhance the Night Riders rave look, pair with a rainbow tint visor, aviator or solar flare sunglasses, and incorporate LED lights with a backpack or hood.

The Free Bird

To embody the Free Bird style, simply pair an airy, 70-inspired vest, loose fitting short jeans, and the right accessories.

Another Free Bird inspired look is to pair your favorite pair of jeans with a rave-inspired t-shirt, bucket hat, and your favorite, most comfortable sneakers.

The right accessories for the Free Bird’s perfect rave outfit are: a pair of sunglasses, glow sticks or LED lights, body crayons or moon radioactive face and body paint,  psychedelic fanny pack, or holographic harness bag.

The All-Nighter

The All-Nighter is prepared for the night ahead and is equipped with the most comfortable clothing and all the right accessories.

An outfit idea for the All-Nighter style is a pair of rave-inspired shorts with plenty of pockets and a white tank.

The best accessories for the All-Nighter are a pair of solar flare sunglasses, a fanny pack, a neon harness bag, LED backpack, LED, animal-inspired hood, and body paint.

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