HIT ALERT: Franchón ‘Secret Place’

After Simon Cowell told 17-year-old Franchón, “You can’t be good at everything,” the young aspiring songstress did not let anyone crush her dreams. Not only did she perfect her craft and return with arena-worthy powerhouse vocals, but in the meantime, Franchón became the longest reigning and first female undisputed super middleweight boxing champion of the world.

Looking at her story and how Franchón’s accomplishments made the sport of boxing history, you can only expect excellence and passion-fuelled determination from her music career that’s built on courage as she auditioned for American Idol at only 17 years old.

Franchón’s unstoppable demeanor and never-to-give-up attitude drove her towards boxing titles and future No. 1 records. Her debut single, ‘Secret Place,’ is the first testament to her multi-faceted talents. ‘Secret Place’ offers a sonic escape with pulsating rhythms and an ireestible groove.

On Saturday, July 1st, Franchón will fight against Savannah Marshall at Manchester’s AO Arena. After listening to ‘Secret Place,’ don’t forget to tune in and watch the fight live. You will witness real-life super-hero tendencies and a show you will never forget.

What are your predictions?

Stream ‘Secret Place’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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