Ancient Disco Could Usher in a New Era of Music Slots

Music has been an important element of slot games throughout the online casino era, often adding to the immersion of the titles to engage players on a deeper level. Now, it appears that the influence of music is growing, with numerous reel-spinning titles based on famous bands.

Developers have recently taken this concept one step further by combining other popular themes with music. Ancient Disco is a prime example of this, and it could lead to a new era of themed slots with a greater focus on different musical styles.

The Rise and Fall of Disco

Ancient Disco Combines Music With History

The online casino industry is awash with various different types of slot games, designed to appeal to a broad range of players. Among the countless jackpots, it’s clear that ancient history is one of the most popular themes. There are innumerable titles based on ancient Greece and Egypt, and developers often turn to these topics because they know they are going to attract a lot of players. When it comes to dedicated music slots, there are far fewer games to choose from. This could be why Red Tiger decided to combine disco with the slots industry’s most popular game category.

Ancient Disco features all the elements that players expect to see on the reels, with pyramids and ancient artifacts aplenty. However, the twist on the game is that it also features classic disco. When players spin the reels, they hear the catchy soundtrack. There’s also the Ancient Disco bonus feature designed to get players dancing.

Slots Discos Could Flourish in the Metaverse

As the online casino industry has evolved, developers have strived to create experiences for players that draw on all the senses. Aside from the stunning visuals and animations on the reels, music has become a key feature. This is representative of the wider entertainment industry, where composers are often employed to make content even more moving and engaging. For example, Gustavo Santaolalla dreamed up the haunting soundtrack for The Last of Us. Prior to that, he’d worked in Hollywood on Brokeback Mountain and Babel and picked up Academy Awards for Best Original Score for both of them.

The Last Of us - Theme song

It may not be long before composers are brought in to make slots even better. There are other ways that games like Ancient Disco could inspire the future of slots, though. When the metaverse comes to fruition, it’s expected that slots will evolve in various ways and offer new experiences for players. One way to spruce the games up and appeal to a new generation of players could be to include them in metaverse disco rooms. For example, the slots could exist within these fantasy settings and act as an activity to do alongside dancing and socialising.

Ancient Disco is rapidly becoming one of the hottest slots on the market because it offers a completely new playing experience. There’s a chance that this could usher in a new era of the online slots market with more innovative musical games.  

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