Cape Cod Singer Songwriter Caroline Brennan Delivers Stirring Americana With New EP ‘The Journey’

Set for release on May 29, Caroline Brennan’s new EP ‘The Journey’ is underpinned with a deep message of hope. Out through Zephyr Sound, the 5 song record acknowledges themes of struggle and sadness, while remaining true to its convictions that light and joy are able to reach through the darkness.

Caroline plucks inspiration from her life, as well as her reflections on the human experience overall, and in so doing crafts honest lyrics and soulful melodies, examining themes of love, heartache, and hope, all of which will find an audience who can relate to them.

The EP includes Caroline’s previously released singles, ‘Breathe Happy In’, ‘Swim To Shore’, and ‘No Longer Blue’, so fans can get an idea of what to expect. Speaking of ‘The Journey’, Caroline said,

“For me, these 5 songs symbolize a journey…the bad relationship or situation you are trying to break free of (“Going Back”), the realization that you need to move on (“Swim to Shore), the vacation or escape you need to get away and clear your head (“Breathe Happy In”), the special place where you find a sense of community and enjoy a memorable night enjoying life (“No Longer Blue”), and the new chapter with someone new where you bravely jump in and take a chance on love (“Break All the Rules”).

These 5 songs are about the human life experience…the recognition that we all yearn to be with each other, that we will have heartache through that journey, that we will need to lean on each other through difficult times, but if we maintain hope, there is also beauty, love, and friendship, and those things help us to enjoy life to the fullest.

I find that I am drawn to writing songs about both sadness and happiness…the light and the dark, because I see value in both.  Without the struggle, we don’t fully appreciate the victory, and having hope can pull us out of despair. We feel, and we learn, and having the good and the bad experiences create balance – they help us recognize the other one when we see it. Having music to face the sad stuff can help us to make sense of it and all the uncomfortable feelings that go with it….however, the world needs more happy and uplifting songs. Feel-good songs are just as important as the sad ones. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel, that we keep moving towards. I feel very lucky and thankful for my life and everything in it, and being aware of that helps me to write songs that have happy or uplifting messages…that there is so much to live for, so much to hope for, and many blessings in our life to be grateful for.”

You can find out more about Caroline Brennan and her music online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube.

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